Doing “genuine” work and being “genuine”

I have always been a bit suspicious of terms like “authentic” leadership or “genuine” leadership.  So I was interested to read Travis Bradberry’s “12 habits of genuine people” in Forbes.

I had two reactions.  First, there is some good stuff here: some of which I do and some of which I do not do.  So some personal lessons for me.  Second, surely a “genuine” person would not need to package their thoughts into 12 habits.  The person would more likely list a handful!  So here goes.

  1. Genuine people don’t worry if some people don’t like them.  They know that some will and some will not. They don’t try to please, to win favor.  They are pleasant because they like to get the best from people.  They are willing to take unpopular positions, if they believe them to be right.  Depending on their personality, they may show off or show some ego: but not just to get attention.  They use it to help them get their message across.
  2. Genuine people are open minded.  They are always willing to consider and debate the views of others.  They do not sway in the wind.  Their own views are well anchored and open for others to challenge and debate.
  3. Genuine people are generous and respectful.  They share openly, confident that the interaction will bring benefits for both.  They don’t have favorites.  They interact based on the potential gain for both parties, neither wasting other people’s time nor squandering their own time.
  4. Genuine people are thick skinned and trust worthy.  They do not easily take offense.  They focus on the content, while recognizing the distortion that may have come from emotion. They know who they are, which makes it easier for others to trust them.  They don’t hide their weaknesses. They keep their promises.
  5. Genuine people are loving humans.  They stand by family.  They help those suffering.  They execute tough love.  They can be distressed.  They can be joyous.  They like to fool around and laugh.

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