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Five guiding thoughts for good operating model work

I enjoyed reading an article by Marcia Blenko, a Bain & Co advisor, about operating model work for charities –  The article follows the Bain definition of an operating model, which is focused on organisation structure, accountabilities, governance, systems … Continue reading

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The impact operating model work has on strategy

I am working with a client at the moment on an “operational review”.  I am still at the “explain the methodology” stage:  one of my roles is to skill up the project team so that they can use the Operating … Continue reading

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From strategy to success: the role of operating models

I was looking at the Wilson Perumal website today.  This consulting company has some useful blogs … and thirteen on operating models.   I particularly liked one titled “Are you overlooking an essential part of your strategy” The article states “When … Continue reading

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Hoshin Kanri and Operating Models

This blog gives a link to a presentation on Hoshin Kanri, Balance Score Card and Value Disciplines and on how they all link to operating models.   In particular the presentation shows how companies with different operating models will have different … Continue reading

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More on business models and operating models

I recently came across Deloitte’s framework for business models and operating models (see exhibit below).   I was quite taken by the framework and began to think about what it is missing and why or whether my framework is better.   It … Continue reading

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Strategy, change and involvement

I was reading a post by Amy Gallo of HBR on change and …. it got me thinking.    First, some of the highlights. – 95% of transformation projects fail (this seems high to me – the McKinsey figure is “over … Continue reading

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Business Models and Operating Models

Posted in 2014, edited in 2018. What is the difference between a business model and an operating model and who cares? First, I don’t think that it matters how you define terms like business model or operating model or business … Continue reading

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How to clarify strategy

When designing an operating model or business architecture, the team are often confronted with the issue of needing to clarify the strategy. For example, how many new service areas is the company planning to develop or how important are back … Continue reading

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How clear does strategy need to be?

One issue that always comes up when doing work on business design or operating models is the question of a lack of clarity about the strategy. For example, the strategy says that the company will develop winning products and be … Continue reading

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