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Process Owner Grid

The process owner grid is a powerful way of ensuring that links across the organization structure are not left to chance. It is similar in format to the decision grid (see a blog on this) – hence the similarity in … Continue reading

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Management calendar

There are two parts to what I have been calling a management system.  The first part is the management calendar and the second part is the scorecard.  This blog is about the management calendar. A management calendar is a timetable … Continue reading

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High-level IT Blueprint

What does a project on a high-level operating model need to say about IT?  And what does it need to deliver to the IT architecture team?  This is the focus of this blog.   The detailed work on IT architecture and … Continue reading

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Management systems and accountability

I have done work on the subject of accountability which has led me to the view that a person or unit is accountable when “the stakeholders of that person/unit have the ability to reward the person for good work or … Continue reading

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Decision Grids

Decision Grids An important tool in both operating model work and organisation design work is the decision grid.   The format is simple. Place the decisions you want to consider down the left hand side of a table and the organisation … Continue reading

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Locations footprint

Location is one of the spaces on the Operating Model Canvas.  But I have not blogged about locations at any point.  This is partly because the topic is pretty self explanatory, and partly because I have found other parts of … Continue reading

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Process improvement and operating models

I have been stimulated by an article by Craig Tickel of GoLean6Sigma that argues that there are only 5 ways to improve a process: Reduce Non-Value-Added Steps Improve the Measurement System Reduce Common Cause Variation Reduce Special Cause Variation Move … Continue reading

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