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Process improvement and operating models

I have been stimulated by an article by Craig Tickel of GoLean6Sigma that argues that there are only 5 ways to improve a process: Reduce Non-Value-Added Steps Improve the Measurement System Reduce Common Cause Variation Reduce Special Cause Variation Move … Continue reading

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How to work with someone who does not understand operating models?

Today I was asked an interesting question.  How can one engage senior managers in the importance of doing operating model work?   My answer was that this is the wrong question, and I gave the analogy of a carpenter.   If someone … Continue reading

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From strategy to success: the role of operating models

I was looking at the Wilson Perumal website today.  This consulting company has some useful blogs … and thirteen on operating models.   I particularly liked one titled “Are you overlooking an essential part of your strategy” The article states “When … Continue reading

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When to do organisation design in operating model work

I was discussing my last post about capability maps with David Winders and we got into a discussion about the timing of work o organisation structure.  David was explaining that one of the benefits of capability maps is that it … Continue reading

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Peter Murchland on Operating Models

I have just come across an article Peter Murchland wrote on LinkedIn giving his definition of an operating model.    I have copied chunks of his text because he provides a different perspective to my PILOS model (which is about to … Continue reading

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Tools for examining an existing or proposed operating model

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The importance of starting with value chains

I am siting in Singapore overlooking the straights from Sentosa Island, about to contribute to a conference. (Sorry to boast but the view is … distracting)   But still time for a blog on operating models. Mark Lancelott of PA … Continue reading

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Building up an operating model

Mark and I had a really strong group for our operating models course last week.   So we learnt as much as they did.  We had the chief executive of a business, a consultant from Capgemini, another from Grant Thornton, a … Continue reading

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Do small companies have operating models?

The following is stolen from a post by Peter Murchland in a discussion group in LinkeIn’s The Enterprise Architecture Network. Thank you Peter and apologies for the changes I have made to your insightful comments. In a new organisation, the … Continue reading

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Design Thinking is not Design

Most of the ideas in this post have been stolen from Marcio Dupont’s blog on May 1, 2014. Design Thinking has become a bit of a craze in both Business Schools and companies. But design work is more than design … Continue reading

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