Hoshin Kanri and Operating Models

This blog gives a link to a presentation on Hoshin Kanri, Balance Score Card and Value Disciplines and on how they all link to operating models.   In particular the presentation shows how companies with different operating models will have different “breakthrough objectives”.

The presentation is by BMGI a consulting company focused on implementing strategy.  The sound is a little fuzzy – and I have not yet found this presentation on YouTube.   If you like it, you may be able to find it on their website.

Why am I sharing this with you?   Because I like to see how other people put together their ideas …. and I think you ought to also want to know how others think.   I am interested by the link that is made between value disciplines and generic operating models.   This is a link that I make on both my organisation design course and my operating models course.

The presentation also shows how strategic planning and transformation and “daily management” link together.  At one level, this process is little more than “management by objectives”, but Hoshin Kanri has lots of followers, so it is worth understanding how it works.

The presentation also weaves in the balanced scorecard and shows how the four views of the balanced score card can help understand differences between operating models.

Unfortunately it is delivered at a fast pace and is not always fully clear – but still worth viewing.



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