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The impact operating model work has on strategy

I am working with a client at the moment on an “operational review”.  I am still at the “explain the methodology” stage:  one of my roles is to skill up the project team so that they can use the Operating … Continue reading

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From strategy to success: the role of operating models

I was looking at the Wilson Perumal website today.  This consulting company has some useful blogs … and thirteen on operating models.   I particularly liked one titled “Are you overlooking an essential part of your strategy” The article states “When … Continue reading

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Stakeholders and operating models

I had an insight as a result of a meeting with Angela Frith from Woolworths in Australia.  Angela was spending a couple of days with me to talk about operating models.   I was sharing my tools.   One tool, which I … Continue reading

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Why knowledge of Lean methodologies is not enough

Lean has been a wonderful influence on organisations all over the world. Since Edwards Deming first extoled its virtues in Japan in 1950, organisations have been finding ways to do more and better with less. Pareto Charts, Spaghetti Diagrams, Process … Continue reading

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