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The forces that are driving operating model change

At various stages in the last few years I have had a check list of trends (mainly tech trends) that managers should be considering when they are reviewing processes or operating models.  Things like “automation” or “digitization” or “mobility” or … Continue reading

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Lean6Sigma and operating models

I was stimulated by a LinkedIn discussion about how to ensure the customer is part of thinking about waste.  The answer of course is obvious – the customer is at the heart of all judgments about waste.  If an activity … Continue reading

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What is the right term for operational excellence?

I came across some interesting data from a report by PEX .   The PEX researchers spoke to 400 people in process or operational improvement rolls in July 2014.  One of the questions they asked was about terminology.  What is the … Continue reading

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Can enterprise architects help lean experts?

I was reading a blog from BiZZdesign by Marc Lankhorst & Peter Matthijssen, and it got me thinking … clearly a good blog. The core message in the blog is that lean experts should involve enterprise architects (people who have … Continue reading

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How to get enough information about the detail

The following is mostly stolen from Don Reinertsen’s article “Going to Gemba”.  But it is worth stealing!  Thank you Don. In lean methodology, the way to get enough knowledge about details is to “go to gemba”.  This means going to … Continue reading

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