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High-level IT Blueprint

What does a project on a high-level operating model need to say about IT?  And what does it need to deliver to the IT architecture team?  This is the focus of this blog.   The detailed work on IT architecture and … Continue reading

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Value chain, capability chain or operating chain?

Over the last year I have been going round in circles in my thinking about language.   I am convinced that the best place to start when doing operating model work is with a stakeholder map that helps identify the stakeholders … Continue reading

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What is “architecture” in business design?

The IT community use the terms Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture to describe the activity of “setting up” the business or the IT systems.   As a business strategist I have always found this language difficult.   I first came across it … Continue reading

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More on value chain maps

At the recent course I run, Designing Operating Models, Mark Lancelott and I put our views on the importance of value chains to the test.   We started the tools part of the course with the following exercise 1.  Choose a … Continue reading

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An enterprise architect’s view of capability maps

A good chunk of this post has been nicked from a blog by Chris Aitken from Enterprise Architects. Chris I hope you don’t mind. Copying is flattery! Chris’s blog is titled “Business Function: Does it have a place in Enterprise … Continue reading

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Levels and actors in the design process

I was stimulated by two recent inputs.  One was my two day course Designing Operating Models which ran at the end of April.   Great inputs from participants.  The second is a discussion on LinkedIn about the difference between architects and … Continue reading

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Can enterprise architects help lean experts?

I was reading a blog from BiZZdesign by Marc Lankhorst & Peter Matthijssen, and it got me thinking … clearly a good blog. The core message in the blog is that lean experts should involve enterprise architects (people who have … Continue reading

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