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Wilson Perumal’s operating model?

If you have been reading this blog you will know that my definition of an operation model is PILOS – processes needed to execute the strategy, information systems needed to support the processes, locations and buildings to house the processes, … Continue reading

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Value chain maps or capability maps?

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The importance of starting with value chains

I am siting in Singapore overlooking the straights from Sentosa Island, about to contribute to a conference. (Sorry to boast but the view is … distracting)   But still time for a blog on operating models. Mark Lancelott of PA … Continue reading

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More on Business Models and Business Architecture

I thought it would be helpful to add some of the further comment from the LinkedIn thread on diagrams for operating models. This is for those interested in the issue of language.  See the first blog on this. In the … Continue reading

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Comparing Business Model and Business Architecture

In a recent LinkedIn discussion within the LinkedIn group “Operating Models” there has been a good thread about ways of drawing operating models, methods used to draw operating models and the definition of what is an operating model.  I recommend … Continue reading

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An enterprise architect’s view of capability maps

A good chunk of this post has been nicked from a blog by Chris Aitken from Enterprise Architects. Chris I hope you don’t mind. Copying is flattery! Chris’s blog is titled “Business Function: Does it have a place in Enterprise … Continue reading

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Maybe there is a role for a capability map

Last night I was reading Roger Martin’s book “Playing to Win”. It is mainly about P&G. The chapter I focused on was the one where he talks about core capabilities. He draws on Michael Porter’s article “What is strategy?” and … Continue reading

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Levels of design and dimensions of design

In the last week I have been wrestling with levels and dimensions – all part of ongoing work on the Operating Model Canvas.   Here is where I have got to. There seem to be five levels of design 1. Strategic … Continue reading

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