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A KPMG framework

As readers of this blog will know, I am always interested in other frameworks (other than the Operating Model Canvas) because it is often possible to learn something or to see the same issues from a new perspective. So here … Continue reading

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More on Business Models and Business Architecture

I thought it would be helpful to add some of the further comment from the LinkedIn thread on diagrams for operating models. This is for those interested in the issue of language.  See the first blog on this. In the … Continue reading

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Comparing Business Model and Business Architecture

In a recent LinkedIn discussion within the LinkedIn group “Operating Models” there has been a good thread about ways of drawing operating models, methods used to draw operating models and the definition of what is an operating model.  I recommend … Continue reading


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Operating model diagrams

Not many people write simply about a subject like operating models.   So I am reproducing here a blog by Jonathan Hammond of Knadel.  Jonathan does a great job of demistifying the task of generating a good diagram of your operating … Continue reading

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Do small companies have operating models?

The following is stolen from a post by Peter Murchland in a discussion group in LinkeIn’s The Enterprise Architecture Network. Thank you Peter and apologies for the changes I have made to your insightful comments. In a new organisation, the … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the Open Group’s new Business Reference Model

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Working with the Client/Sponsor to get a good brief

Last week I was leading a workshop, mainly for training purposes, but we used a live organisation issue.   A recently appointed manager volunteered his organisation partly because he was planning to make some significant changes, partly because his organisation was … Continue reading

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More on business models and operating models

I recently came across Deloitte’s framework for business models and operating models (see exhibit below).   I was quite taken by the framework and began to think about what it is missing and why or whether my framework is better.   It … Continue reading

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Tips for designing target operating models

This video describes six tips to help you with designing operating models.   I think you will get more from reading the blogs in this blog than from watching the video,  but if you prefer the human touch, the video will … Continue reading

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Business Models and Operating Models

Posted in 2014, edited in 2018. What is the difference between a business model and an operating model and who cares? First, I don’t think that it matters how you define terms like business model or operating model or business … Continue reading

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